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Ford Ecosport Ambiente MT

Starting from
₹ 7,21,000
73.8 KW

Ford EcoSport

An Urban SUV like no other, Ford EcoSport will let you navigate urban as well as natural cityscapes with ease. It comes equipped with 73.8KW power, quiet interiors, hill launch assist and higher seating to name a few. No matter the terrain Ford Ecosport lets you keep going.


Features Interior
  • Higher Seating

    Even roads you travel every day will look different in the EcoSport. It seats you higher so you can see more of what’s going on around you. Who knows what you might discover on the way?

  • Airbags all-round

    There are six in all. Front and side airbags for the driver and front seat passenger and side curtain airbags for front and rear seats. All six are standard in the Titanium AT and Titanium optional models.

  • 20 Storage Compartments

    t’s what you don’t see lying around that says a lot about the EcoSport’s interior design. Twenty storage spaces let you conveniently pack things away. A slide-out drawer under the front seat keeps valuables safely out of sight. Even your sunglasses and umbrella have their own spaces.

Features Exterior
  • 200mm Ground Clearance

    Ford EcoSport will get you wherever you want to go. It puts 200mm of ground clearance between you and the road, potholes or whatever else is in your way. With good approach and departure angles, you’re pretty much ready for anything.

  • Traction Control and ESP

    The combination of traction control and an Electronic Stability Program helps ensure you have a strong sense of connection to the road and excellent control in corners and when overtaking. Together, they help reduce the chances of wheel spin, and over- or under-steering in corners.

  • Rain-sensing Wipers

    Let it rain, hail or even drizzle. As soon as it starts, the windscreen wipers will spring to life so you can see the road ahead.

Bronze Fire
Exterior Paint
Bronze Fire

EcoSport Accessories
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*Please note that the rear view camera function has been discontinued from select Ford Ecosport Variants. Contact us for more information.